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Stay cool this summer with City Centre Fujairah’s exciting Virtual Reality family games and a chance to win three Infinity Q30 cars

Get together with family and friends for an engaging time exploring the latest gaming technology until July 31
City Centre Fujairah to give away its biggest prize yet – three sporty Infinity Q30 cars on July 31


It’s time for more surprises, more Virtual Reality games and big prizes this summer at City Centre Fujairah until July 31.  

Whether it’s protecting planets from incoming asteroids or manoeuvring a rescue ship to save penguins, with Virtual Reality glasses you can step into a fantasy world where you are the hero this summer. City Centre Fujairah has brought the latest in gaming technology for visitors in the Northern Emirates to create memorable moments every time they drop in with family and friends during Ramadan and the summer break. What’s more, shoppers can win big with three stylish Infinity Q30 SUVs up for grabs.

“It’s time for more fun, joy and family time this summer at City Centre Fujairah.  As it heats up in the city, families can spend time with their kids and loved ones in the cool indoors where they have a wide range of shopping, dining and leisure options to choose from,” said Abdulla Al Balooshi, Mall Manager for City Centre Fujairah.

“We have brought a plethora of interactive, technology-fuelled games that will keep them entertained and provide visitors an opportunity to bond with friends and family. We are also excited about giving away three Infinity Q30 cars, our biggest prize yet.”

Shoppers who spend AED 200 can register with their receipts at the customer service stand in the specially designed gaming zone. They can choose from among 10 Virtual Reality games available and will receive their VR gear to suit up. After being briefed by the gamemaster, participants will have between 120-180 seconds to complete the challenge and win amazing prizes, including Mall GiftCards and retailer vouchers. The same spend will make them eligible to enter a draw to win one of three Infinity Q30 SUVs. 

Games to choose from include: 

Shoot Mania
In this exciting and dynamic game, you must protect your harvest from pumpkin-eating zombies who are out to ruin your garden.

Planet Guardian
Planet Guardian is an action room-scale VR game in which you play to protect planets from incoming asteroids. To fulfil the mission, participants use controllers as weapons to destroy the asteroids. Each level brings a new challenge, with changes to the speed, matter or placement of the asteroids.

Brush Up
Brush Up is a tooth-brushing challenge game. It is derived from the Brush Up mixed reality mobile game. Kids brush along with Budd, starting on the outside and moving to the inside, carefully brushing each tooth surface, and learning to brush areas that are normally ignored by children, and many adults!

Special Delivery
Dodge cars, dogs and tornadoes as you grow your subscriber base and expand your paper route in this arcade-inspired newspaper delivery game.

Help Munch become the biggest fish in the sea by grubbing your way up the food chain in a game where large eats small. 

Waddle Home 
The Penguins are trapped, and they need your help! Guide them to the Rescue Ship by opening doors and moving blocks, while making sure to help them waddle around traps andescape patrolling guards!

Babel Tower
Babel is a charming physics-based puzzle game where you must use precision, speed and careful thinking to remove redundant blocks from a tower without toppling it, to ensure the safety of its worshippers!

Henry and the Hamster Legend 
You are Henry, the legendary one-handed hamster handler, and it's your job to save the mass-produced balls of fluff! It’s time to punch in at Hamsters Inc., where your usual menial task of hamster production and distribution has gone kaput!

Flappy Arms
Flappy Arms is the premier VR bird simulator! Spread your arms and flap your way through a city of obstacles. A local leader board, wacky arm flailing action, and a third-person spectator mode make Flappy Arms a fantastic VR party game.